Isnin, Februari 8


to : Din Sempit
From : Timah Rempit
Subjex : Breaking our relationship
Date :


I have think about this very cook-cook. I know I clap one hand only. Correctly, I have seen you and she walk-walk together at town with eyes of myself. You grab her hand. You always ask for apology back-back. I don't trust you again! You are really crocodile land! My friend speak that you play wood three. First-first i think my friend lie. but now I know you correct-correct play wood three. So, I want break connection to pull my body from this love triangle. I know this result I pick is very correct, because you love she very high from me. So, I cut this connection to go far from here. I don't want you to play-play with my liver. I have been crying until no more eye water thinking about you. I don't want banana to fruit two times.

safe walk..

p/s: bende aku belajar ari ni..sangat cool..

5 ulasan:

starr struckk berkata...

the one u saw with me at the mall just my sister, timah. lift sister. loled.

Acid berkata...

lift sister? ..i tot dat ur substitute woman? haha

D' Cako berkata...

haha.klaka k0t!

Acid berkata...

oh oh. cik alin dh singgah blog aku! kih3..

NurulAini berkata...

ahaha.. this entry really make my day..^_^