Khamis, Disember 24

let her go.

i made up in my mind that night.

i shud let her go, i shud set her free.
even though she still a part of me.

i do not know who was she thinking of.
i'll have to let her go wit all my luv.

i saw her, but she doesnt see me.
the tears i have just go out freely.
oh, it hurt me so inside that no one see.
i'll simply hide my pride and pretend im happy.

my eyes dry, my heart cries.
wondering looking up to the sky.

oh, she is better off without me.
my only wish to make her happy.

i've got to say goodbye, i've got to say so long.
even though the years role by, my luv will carry on.

thats gonna hurt me so,
but i'll have to let her go.

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